KS-Logistic Web-Order

The web order manages all transport movements from the time of dispatch. From the ERP application, this tool can be branched with a link, e. g., to receive information based on a request for the current status of a shipment/transport.

With this tool, transport requests can be recorded and monitored outside the ERP application. In particular, the transport applications of the suppliers can be tracked by the purchaser.

The seamless tracking of shipments is becoming increasingly important. With our Internet-based tracking & tracing, you can keep up-to-date with the current status of your shipment and follow the shipment history. By using your transport number, you can track the latest loading and delivery status of your shipment.

Our electronic POD (Proof of Delivery) gives you online access to all receipts of your shipments. Using the electronically transmitted shipment data, the recipient’s signature and the recipient’s name in block letters are assigned.

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