Thinking and acting sustainably

Environmental awareness and sustainability are of particular importance in our industry – for the future and specifically for our day-to-day business. Since our foundation we have been working innovatively, sustainably and environmentally conscious. We use renewable energies in our production facilities which we generate via photovoltaic systems, combined heat and power units as well as wood chip heating.

In terms of transport services, we have a modern fleet of vehicles with state-of-the-art technologies. We consistently avoid empty runs through maximum load of our vehicles and pay close attention to compliance with ecological guidelines. This is how we save resources and protect the environment effectively. In addition, we engage in a variety of social activities.

  • Photovoltaic systems on all own properties
  • Energy optimization systems
  • CHP in Kell am See, Schwerte and Großwechsungen
  • Wood chip heating system in Kell am See
  • Lighting: conversion to LED
  • Avoidance of empty runs due to system traffic
  • Vehicles with Euro VI engines
  • Telematics and tour planning
  • DIN EN ISO 16258 CO2 balancing

Projects and associations we support:

  • Project HOPE e.V.
  • World Vision Deutschland e.V.
  • Geisecker Sportverein 1926 e.V.
  • SC 1912 Hennen e.V.
  • FC Einheit Wernigerode e.V.
  • KSV Croatia Hagen

In our branch Schwerte there is a special department in the area of transport and warehouse logistics that takes care of inclusion. The following link will lead you to the online offer of DERWESTEN and a report on successful cooperation with people with disabilities. (article from 11.07.2011)

KS-Logistic & Services offers you the opportunity to offset the greenhouse gas emissions caused by shipping activities. All payments are used specifically for social and sustainable projects. Get in touch with us!

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