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We are unbeatable on the road. Across Europe and in domestic transport, we have the best, tailor-made solution for the transport of your goods. Our wide range of transport services will also find the right one for you – whether national or international general cargo, partial or full loads, express or time-sensitive deliveries or the shipment of hazardous goods.

Our service knows no boundaries. We have the right product for every challenge in Germany and Europe.

For heavy commercial vehicles, a state-imposed toll is charged throughout Europe for the use of roads. Our toll calculation only serves to cover the actual costs incurred.

Extension of the truck toll on federal highways

Since July 1, 2018, the truck toll in Germany has been extended to all federal highways. Hence the toll road network in Germany increases by an additional 40,000 km. With this additional income the federal government wants to improve the financing of federal highways and to guarantee a modern, high-performance and secure infrastructure. Following this change, we have made an adjustment to our toll tables for Germany. If there are any questions, please contact our branches.

Every five years, the Federal Statistical Office updates the calculation bases of the various price indices. From the reference month August 2018, these were adjust from the previous base year 2010 to the new base year 2015 (2015 = 100). The index 100 corresponds to the actual value of the month August 2018.

To calculate the diesel surcharge, the monthly price index, published monthly by the 20th for the previous month, is used for the calculation.

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