Our logistics concept

We offer our customers optimal supply chain support. This starts with individual advice, includes conception and cost calculation and extends to the pilot project planning as well as the implementation of the goals we defined together.

We have already realized a large number of complex logistics concepts for our customers. We also take care of tasks that have been within the scope of our clients so far. For example, the management of a consignment warehouse, the finishing of goods or the complete dispatch area transactions with an interface to production and high-bay warehouses.

Any kind of goods are picked according to delivery and reach the customers in time. All logistics projects have in common that they are connected to the customer-specific data processing systems in order to ensure a consistent flow of information.

This improves the business processes of our customers, increases performance and quality, simplifies administration and reduces costs.


We optimize your stocks and create new scope. In doing so, we organize the quality of your logistics and coordinate all requirements within the supply chain. Thanks to flexible multi-user warehouses, we grant economic conditions and effective capacity utilization. Even for complex requirements, for example in dedicated warehouses, we manage all necessary frame conditions.


The best results for effective warehousing are enabled by standardized processes and modern IT systems, which are adapted to specific customer needs. We integrate warehousing services such as procurement and sales logistics and offer various picking and storage strategies (e. g. FIFO). Individual requirements are provided manually or automatically.


These value-added services create a consistent complete solution. This applies to all sizes of companies in industry and commerce. We offer you the best results – from simple storage to fully automated high-bay warehouses.


With our versatile logistics products, a network with all modes of transport as well as electronically controlled services, we ensure smooth processes to deliver your goods on time to their final destination. And of course, your goods are always traceable online.



Procurement logistics takes care of all logistical tasks for the preparation, execution and monitoring of the flow of goods from supplier to consignee. Depending on Incoterm, it includes material handover, goods receipt, receiving department and product testing, inbound storage and internal transport to the place of consumption as well as all related planning, control and monitoring activities.



Distribution logistics brings the finished goods to the market – hence it is the last step in the supply chain. Compliance with delivery conditions such as delivery time, reliability and quality as well as transparent and calculable logistics costs with consistent quality are of utmost importance.


To remain competitive, an efficient supply chain is required, which adapts the flow of goods and distribution to current conditions.

We analyze your exact needs and develop detailed concepts for the implementation and optimization of all necessary logistics services. This ensures distinct cost calculations as well as highly effective services.

This includes, among others:

  • Implementation of requirements into specific projects
  • Assistance with the planning and adaptation of your in-house IT
  • Constant control of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Systematic quality testing

Fast. Clear. Accurate.

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