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We offer you a complete and highly professional portfolio of modern logistics solutions – thanks to our numerous branches throughout Germany, an extensive fleet and a distinguished, worldwide network.

We take care of your complete and partial loads by roadsea and air. In addition, we offer versatile value-added services such as assembling, sequencing or labeling, so that we can guarantee you a seamless worldwide logistics service.

Throughout Germany and Europe, our extensive fleet of vehicles and a versatile range of products ensure the punctual and efficient transport of your goods. Binding express or time-sensitive deliveries, partial or full load, national or worldwide general cargo transport or demanding hazardous goods – we always have a solution.

If every minute counts, the optimal means of transport is the aircraft. But even with more time, air freight is the ideal solution for shipment to almost any location on the globe. We find the perfect airfreight solution for your needs and our experienced airfreight service organizes the smooth running of the entire transport chain – from consignor to consignee.

KS-Logistic is the perfect partner for the complete and reliable handling of your sea freight transports. Our dedicated employees offer you powerful performance in the sea freight sector from our Hamburg location. Through our European land transport network, we connect your sea freight with the whole world – on time, tailor-made and reliable.

In addition to the classic transport services, we offer you a high-quality portfolio of value-added services. This includes extensive services such as order picking, packaging and sequencing, labeling as well as manual or highly automated finishing of your products and much more.

Our one-stop full service makes KS-Logistic your perfect partner along the entire supply chain. We develop complex and individual logistics concepts for our customers. These include individual costumer advice, detailed cost calculations and pilot project planning as well as warehousing, finishing and the entire handling of distribution.

We’ll always keep you posted. We guarantee a continuous flow of information for all parties involved in the IT process by connecting your business to the customer-specific data processing systems. We advise and support you in the planning and implementation of common processes. Optionally, we use our customer’s ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) as an integral part of the supply chain. Alternatively, we offer a shared use of the in-house system.

Fast. Clear. Accurate.

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