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Entry certificate - New requirements for intra-Community supplies

On September 16, 2013, the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) made public a change in the document´s procedure to declare all the tax deducted deliveries within the European Community. This change is implemented since October 01, 2013, although the enforcement has been delayed to December 2013. The delay has been based on the late publication of the new rules and the consequent correction process. The new enforcement date for deliveries inner half the European Community is now defined as January 01, 2014.

The new document valid is called “Gelangensbestätigung” (entry certificate). Due to law restrictions KS-Logistic is not able to issue such a document. The law provides since October 01, 2013 an alternative evidence document (cf. § 17 UStDV) called “weiße Spediteurbescheinigung“ (White Expedition Certificate).

Our  IT Department has made the necessary changes to adapt the system to the new rules. If you want to receive the “White Expedition Certificate” from us in the future, please contact your responsible partner in your area.



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