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Our logistics concept

We offer our customers optimum support along the supply chain, from advice on the conceptual design and cost comparison right through to scheduling drivers and implementing the mutually defined goals. Many of those sorts of complex logistics concepts are successfully implemented for our customers. That includes providing services such as managing a consignment warehouse, adding the final touches to the goods as well as taking care of the entire dispatch operation using the direct interface with the production unit or high-bay storage as the case may be. The goods are commissioned ready for dispatch and are delivered to the customer just-in-time. Here our company is responsible for tasks which originally featured among the main task areas of the customer. All logistics projects have one thing in common, their respective connection or link to the customer-specific data processing system. This guarantees the continuous flow of information. Our handling of the project improves business processes on the customer’s side, improves performance and quality, simplifies administration and reduces costs. If nothing else, we would like to contribute to increasing competitiveness.


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